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Success With Hyperlinking Is Drinking The Rum Again

Cruzan for everyone! Our very own Anthony Fera was named the B1G Special Teams player of the week for his performance against Indiana.

Required reading. This week's editions of The Numerical and The Alphabetical are out. Consume them!

Translation: Later fellas. Missouri's Board of Curators met for over four hours yesterday, and eventually gave university president Brady Deaton the authority to explore their conference affiliation. One might suggest caution in jumping to conclusions, as the same thing happened at Oklahoma, who opted to stay with the Big 12. However, Deaton also resigned as the president of the Big 12 Board of Directors, so it sure seems like the Tigers are headed to the SEC.

CASH is a Michigan value. The Skunkbears are going to get $4.7 million to go to Dallas and get their ass kicked by Alabama next year. Should be fun, you guys!

This makes perfect sense/should turn out well. Bryce Brown is leaving Kansas State and declaring for the NFL draft. It's only October though, so he's going to be sitting out the rest of the season for... no reason that anyone can think of. When you consider just how strange Brown's college football journey has been, this isn't necessarily surprising.

"Throwback" may not be the word Oregon's looking for. The Ducks will be wearing these... things this week against Cal. I normally don't mind Oregon's uniform craziness because it's kind of their thing, but the image of Puddles' face on the shoulders is beyond stupid here. If Oregon wanted to go with a throwback uniform, they should've just reused this handsome effort from a year or two ago.

Rut Roh! So it turns out Miami may have been told what Nevin Shapiro was doing back in 2008. That's not good.

I leave you with this. EDSBS 'shopping master Truffle Shuffle took some time out of making fun of Craig James to create this masterpiece.