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Your Week Six Totally Serious Football Odds


Our sincere apologies for not providing you with a fresh batch of odds last week. Snafus in the planning process, along with technical difficulties, got in the way. Not unlike the Penn State offense (zing!). We'll do better this week, we promise. 

  • Odds that JayPa's next blog post on following yet another loss to Iowa utilizes the Chewbacca Defense (see video above). (3:1)

  • Number of pieces that Florida freshman QB Jeff Driskel's body will be in when he's carted off the field against LSU. (O/U 1.5)

  • Odds that Husker Stadium implodes after Joe Bauserman, Braxton Miller, and Taylor Martinez throw for a combined 10 interceptions. (1:2)

  • Number of punts from inside the opponent's 40 yard line during the PSU-Iowa game: (O/U 7.5)

  • Chance that Ben Jones will just get up and leave the press box. (5:3)

  • Chance that you'll actually wish you were watching the "Iowa 6, Penn State 4" game during this weekend's game: (5:1)

  • Chances that Phil Knight coerces Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, and Craig James to don Oregon uniform-style blazers while announcing Thursday night's Cal-Oregon game on ESPN (6:1)

  • Follow-Up: Chances that Craig James uses said blazer to better attract hookers. (FIRE CRAIG JAMES #RIP5DH)