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Success with Hyperlinking is Trying to Fill Our Stadiums

Penn State has hired IMG so we don't duplicate Pitt's famous "yellow out" (via <a href="">Citroën Guy</a>)
Penn State has hired IMG so we don't duplicate Pitt's famous "yellow out" (via Citroën Guy)

On the heels of Chris's revelation that there are plenty of cheap seats available for Saturday's game against Iowa, I discovered this interesting little tidbit on Apparently Penn State has hired IMG College Ticket Solutions to help market tickets for other sports, such as men's and women's basketball. Thank You Terry has his own ideas as to why Penn State decided to hire this firm now. If this increases attendance for some of the smaller sports, then I'm all for this.

Brian Bennett posted a Big Ten "awards tracker". It appears that Devon Still is channeling his inner Jared Odrick.

Check out how former Penn State players are doing across the NFL after 4 weeks of play.

Is Iowa Penn State's new Michigan? It's getting pretty close.

The women's field hockey team is pretty good this year. They're ranked sixth in the nation and just beat Villanova for their seventh straight victory.

The lulz just keep rolling in from Columbus. According to Gordon Gee, Ohio State is the posterboy for NCAA compliance. O_O. Geeze, if they're the gold standard, what the hell have we been doing all these years?