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Penn State Actively Recruiting Urban Meyer?

Jeff Rapp, longtime Ohio State Buckeye commentator, radio personality, and writer, reported today that Penn State has indeed talked to Urban Meyer about becoming the next Nittany Lion head coach, should Joe Paterno decide to retire.

In a post titled, "The Messy Pursuit Of Urban", Rapp cites a source which indicated that Penn State reached out to Meyer on September 25 "and expressed major interest in pursuing him as head coach should Paterno, in fact, decide to retire."  Meyer reportedly met with both Graham Spanier and Tim Curley, and "those talks apparently were productive."

Rapp's source also noted, "Urban would love to have that job. Keep in mind, though, that he doesn’t want to be known as the guy who forced out Joe Paterno. It would have to be done in the right way. I think they could appeal to Joe Pa’s best interests and allow him to be the king-maker."

Rapp also reports that Meyer is potentially interested in the Texas job, in the event of a potential Mack Brown departure.  Also, Rapp adds some support to the rumors that Meyer's "health problems" were really a combination of burnout and frustration with the SEC way of life.

Toward the end of Rapp's article is a rather hilarious anecdote about the internal conflicts at Ohio State, both within the team and the coaching staff.  VRABRORAGE.

Fight On State also has a free article on the Urban/PSU situation, as does the mothership.