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On Sanity: An Open Thread To Cool Down A Bit

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So. That was a little rough, huh?

Let's make sure we're being self aware: no fan base has done this before.  It just hasn't happened.  There have been flashes in the panpower struggles & force-outspetty crimes with damning cover-ups, strong reputations with predictable inevitabilities, but never anything like this.

We're getting emails and messages from people who care.  They think it's all falling apart.  It was 10:16 last night, many people were outrage.  Others were outraged about the outrage, which led to another group outraged about that.  People gave cameras the bird and began shouting things.  Small rocks were hitting ESPN reporters in the calf muscle. It might not have even been a rock.

You might still be outraged.  That's fine, things moved pretty quickly this week and there's nothing wrong with taking your time to digest it.  But let's stay focused here.  There's The Tragedy and everything that comes with it -- that's still an important focus.  But concurrently there's moving on -- this one not headlined by Wilco -- and that's going to take some calm and group effort to get right.

This is your morning thread.  Keep it real people, we deserve that much.