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BSD Week in Review & Pregame Open Thread: 11.12.11

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Presented for your nostalgic pleasure, Penn State's victory over Nebraska, 1981:

The week that was, in all its mind-numbing... uh... whatever...

Friday, 11.11.11

Wrestling Wreport: The Bloomsburg Preview - by Galen

Report: PSU Trustees Contacted Virginia's Mike London BEFORE Firing Paterno - by Chris

Penn State Depth Chart & Injury Report: Nebraska - by Mike

Success With Hyperlinking Is Ready For The Weekend, You Guys - by Peter

UPDATE: #ProudPSUforRAINN is Going Strong - by Adam

Preview: Nebraska At Penn State - by Chris

Thursday, 11.10.11

Big Ten Bloggers Pick'em & Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Week 11 - by Galen

Big Ten Preview: Week 11 - by Kyle

Wrestling Wreport: The Preseason Edition 2011-12 - by Galen

Support RAINN and the #ProudPSUforRAINN Campaign - by Adam

Tom Bradley Officially Interim Head Coach, Press Conference At 11 - by Kevin

HEY LOOK FOOTBALL! National Preview: Week Eleven - by Peter

Just the Stats: Nebraska at Penn State - by Mike

Joe Paterno's Statement Following Dismissal - by Mike

Wednesday, 11.9.11

Jerry, Who? News Media Irresponsibly Driving The Paterno Narrative - by Mike

Black Shoe Diaries Podcast: Scandal and Heartbreak - by Chris

Joe Paterno Announces Retirement from Penn State - by Mike

Success With Hyperlinking Is Desperately Looking For A Distraction - by Peter

Reconstruction Begins: Graham Spanier Resigns Tonight, Rodney Erickson Reportedly Starts Tomorrow - by Kevin

Tuesday, 11.8.11

Tuesday Recruitin' Is Just Another Victim, On A Much Smaller Scale - by Jeff

Penn State Scandal: Why They All Must Leave. Now. - by Chris

Joe Paterno Press Conference Live Thread - by Chris

Oh, Hello: 2013 PA PG Geno Thorpe Commits To Penn State - by Eric

Success With Hyperlinking Wins the Big Ten Field Hockey Title - by Kyle

Former Foes: Week 9 - by Galen

Matt Millen On ESPN: Presented Without Comment - by Chris

Monday, 11.7.11

Tim Curley, Gary Schultz Step Down - by Chris

National Recap: Week Ten - by Peter

Big Ten Review: Week Ten - by Kyle

Success With Hyperlinking Is Trying To Concentrate On Football - by Peter

2011-2012 Non-Conference Basketball Primer - by Eric

BlogPoll 2011: Week 11 Ballot - by Nick

Saturday & Sunday, 11.5-6.11

Sandusky Charged In Child Molestation Case, Curley And Senior Admin Charged With Perjury - by Chris

Jerry Sandusky: Allegations and Obligations - by Chris

Penn State Ranked 12th In Coaches' Poll, And Now The Real Season Begins - by Kevin

Chambers Era Kicks Off With 64-47 Win Over Slippery Rock - by Eric

And for what it's worth, I think Penn State will win today.

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