How far will Penn State fall?

So now that Penn State has lost to Nebraska how far will they fall in the rankings? I think there are a lot of people out there who are EXTREMELY happen the "team that had nothing to with the scandal" lost. And I think that includes a lot of those with votes. So it wouldn't surprise me if PSU falls out of the top 25.

Forgive me if this was discussed in the game threads. I was not around for those. As for the game...ah, it wasn't so bad. McGloin did not play well, but I expect that against better teams. O-line disappointed...running game never got untracked. Great team effort though - it just fell a little short. I'm pround of how the team reacted to an unbelievable week. And actually the thing that ticked me off the most today was that WVU won. After the emails I got this from fans of that program...ripping PSU to no end...I honestly hope they never win another game, including the backyard brawl

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