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Photo Gallery: Penn State vs Nebraska

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It's almost impossible to describe what it felt like around Beaver Stadium yesterday. It was quiet. It was somber.

In terms of my job Saturday, things just didn't go well. I forgot my second memory card, cutting my photo capacity in half (from about 1,200); then realized I didn't charge my battery before getting to the stadium. Can you tell my mind was elsewhere this week? So I got to the press box, found an empty spot with an outlet and got what charge I could on the battery. After shoving some food down, I battled through the national media guys to get to field level in a decent amount of time. That was the story all day: having to work around the 300 or so extra media covering the game.

In the end, only 89 photos were publication quality. I'm still kicking myself for leaving the extra card behind. I was really looking forward to nailing this game. Oh well. Enjoy.