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Success With Hyperlinking Is Magical And Amazing

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This kind of incisive analysis is available only from the World Wide Leader. Joe Schad is the best. The absolute best.


OHIO STATE WEEK. We're well aware of Penn State's offensive... limitations. Fortunately for us, Ohio State is suffering from a not so different affliction. #WALRUSBALL, explained. (H/T: Luke Zimmermann)

I mean, it makes sense. Iowa's subpar performance against Michigan State, explained by BHGP

Well this is awful. Illinois linebacker Trulon Henry is going to miss the rest of the season after being shot in the hand at a party on Saturday night. From the sounds of it, he was trying to get some teammates to leave and got caught up in the trouble. Here's to a speedy recovery.

Just how Coach drew it up, I'm sure. Arkansas' Joe Adams is a wizard. Also lucky, but still.

BOTCHED. Even when striking a blow for justice, Goldy just can't quite get it right. NOTE: IF YOU'RE GOING TO CLICK ONE LINK IN THIS POST, CLICK THIS ONE.

Celebrity Lookalikes: PSU RB Edition. I give you Ki-Jana Carter and Silas Redd.


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