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Success with Hyperlinking Welcomes You to Ohio State Week

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Alright so we have our first Big Ten loss this year. Let's hope that's out of our system now and we can go out and beat Ohio State on Saturday. No one wants to see the Buckeyes in the B1G Championship Game do they?

The Penn State women's field hockey team saw it's season come to an end in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament. The team finished the season 17-6 and won the Big Ten championship.

The Penn State/Wisconsin game has been set to play at 3:30 on November 26th. Penn State and Ohio State have both had a rough go of it this year. Silas Redd is dealing with a collarbone issue.

Deja McClendon won Big Ten Player of the Week Honors, while Micha Hancock won Big Ten Freshman of the Week. Penn State swept Northwestern on Sunday.

The men's ice hockey team trounced West Chester on Friday night. Future Nittany Lions Luke Juha and Curtis Loik helped Canada West win the gold medal in the World Junior A Challenge, topping Canada East 4-2. Will the fallout from the Sandusky mess hurt other sports at PSU, namely hockey (thanks to Thank You Terry for this find)?