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JerryGate: The Ongoing Saga of the Penn State Scandal

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Another day, another interesting news cycle surrounding the ongoing saga that is the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal that has rocked the Penn State world to its very core. Up to and including this evening, emotions have been very high, and tempers have flared throughout the country, both externally at Sandusky, the media, and many others, and internally, as infighting and a difference of opinion have threatened to tear a fanbase apart.

But we're stronger than that. We will overcome this unfortunate tragedy and what comes out will be stronger for it. Moving forward, at least three criminal cases (so far) will be intertwined in a complex web of legality, circumstantial evidence, and public posturing. There will also be plenty of out-of-court media blitzes, with all of the parties trying to get the court of public opinion on their side. Covering this story is not going to be easy, let alone a blog without any full-time bloggers on staff. As such, we ask for your patience, and we similarly ask that you be patient with us.

We will not be covering every single rumor, conjecture or alleged incident that takes place. With three legal minds (and one legal-mind-to-be) and a man on the ground with a front row seat (#HireBenJones), we're in a unique position to follow along with the nuances of each of these cases (and any future case that may present itself). We will be covering the legal aspects of this, along with the known facts once they come to light. Now that the initial heat has somewhat died down, we can begin to focus our attention on fact rather than perception or rumor.

Of course, all of this should not stop you from discussing any and all issues surrounding these cases. We merely want you to know that you won't see our front pages filled with stories of where Sandusky may have been spotted or how many more victims may be coming forward. And that's probably a good thing for everyone; the sooner we can all get back to football coverage, the calmer things will get around here. Don't get me wrong, we still want to see justice for any wrongs that may have been perpetrated. But Penn State sports is our mission around here, and too much coverage of this story will make anyone sick to their stomach.

What you'll likely see are weekly updates, where applicable, and instant updates should something important break. We feel this is the best for those that want information, but keeps it at a relatively light clip. As such, here are some updates from the last couple of days that might be worth your time...

In the future, we'll try to get some analysis of exactly what has happened so far. There are a million things floating around out there, some true, some false, some highly opinionated. Once some more dust has settled, we can start to break this thing down. Until then, we wait for the next, seemingly daily news cycle from which any number of issues could arise.

Finally, tonight, as I'm sure most of you have heard by now, Mike McQueary will be speaking with CBS' Armen Keteyian on the CBS Evening News, which airs at 6:30 Eastern. Please feel free to use this as an open thread for that interview and the ensuing fallout.

I can't say that we look forward to keeping you updated on these events, as every one of us wishes we never had to think about these gruesome acts. But we'll try to keep you informed as best we can.