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Success With Hyperlinking NO MORE QUESTIONS

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First thing first. ProudPSUforRainn is still trying to get to its $500,000 goal. If you haven't already given, please do so. If you already have, well, nobody's stopping you from donating again.

ZOOOOOOOK. It was rumored earlier this week that Ron Zook is going to be out at the end of the year at Illinois. Honestly, it makes sense, as the bottom has completely fallen out on this team, and it's not like he's built up a ton of goodwill over the years. So naturally, Zook was asked about it at his weekly press conference, and he didn't take it so well. Thankfully, we have the transcript.

Ole Miss is doing just fine, thank you. The Rebels are playing LSU this week, and if that wasn't bad enough, they'll be without their starting quarterback Randall Mackey and leading rusher Jeff Scott due to suspension. In related news, Archie Manning has been appointed to a committee to find the next football coach there, and naturally, he's been asked by fans to hire...

Peyton Manning


It's cool, guys. Urban Meyer isn't going to Arizona.

Synergy! From the SBN mothership, we have: The AlphabeticalThe Numerical, and bowl projections.

GO TO THIS. #2 Penn State is hosting #4 Minnesota in wrestling at noon on Sunday at Rec Hall. GO GO GO GO GO.