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Tom Bradley Press Conference Recap

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 It's a day late, but wanted to get out some of the important information that Tom Bradley had to offer from his first press conference as head coach.

Q. Tom, after such an emotional week and game, are you concerned that the players will have something left in the tank this week?

COACH BRADLEY: I hope so. We had a good practice yesterday. It was short. And today is our Tuesday practice and it will be a padded practice. It will be very energetic and enthusiastic. And I'll back off Wednesday and Thursday because of the concerns I have with their legs; it's been a long season.

Q. Has the coaching staff caught up with all the changes that you have made last week?

COACH BRADLEY: I should go over those changes right now. For this week's game, last week I still was involved with the defense, calling the defensive most of the calls during the game. .

But this week Coach (Larry) Johnson and Coach (Ron) Vanderlinden will make the calls on defense. And I've elevated Elijah Robinson. I told you before, Elijah will become one of our full time coaches. And Bill Kavanaugh will move up, and Bill will be our wide receiver coach from here on out. .


Q. What's Silas Redd's status for Saturday? And do you expect Stephfon Green to see some first team time this week?

COACH BRADLEY: Silas came to practice yesterday. He did not run any plays. He's banged up. Silas will not be hit this week, but I'm expecting him to be able to play in the game on Saturday. .

Q. Is it your understanding that Mike McQueary's days as a coach here are over?

COACH BRADLEY: I can't answer that question due to what's going on with the university, any on-going investigation and things. I know the players understand that Mike the situation as best I could describe it to the team. They understand I've asked them for their patience as we try to work this out and make some changes. .

It's a lot of, when you change coaches, there's personalities, bring in guys that are uncomfortable. I'm trying to keep things everything as close to normal as I can for them.

Q. With Mike's e mails and Jerry talking last night, does it bother you that Coach Paterno hasn't gotten to give his side of the story yet?

COACH BRADLEY: Whether it's fair or not is not for me to decide. I did not see Mike's e mail. I don't have a copy of it. I want to be honest with everybody here. This group, this staff has been focused on Ohio State. It was well after midnight before most of the guys got out of there last night. And they know it's a big game and they're doing everything they can to help the players.

Q. What will be your role on offense? Will you call some plays? Will you decide on when

COACH BRADLEY: No, I'm just going to be there to help. And I've talked to them about that. If there's anything I can help, there's certain things you want me to watch, certain things you want me to help you guys in any way because I'm freed up on what I did on defense, what I did between series there. I'm just there to help and see anything I can do to help the team win, I'll do it. .