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Basketball Live Game Thread: Penn State vs. Long Island

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The Beatles - Blackbird (via nesplayer94)

The Long Island Blackbirds* are the last warm-up opponent before Kentucky for this young PSU squad. If our dear colleague Eric is to be believed, it will be their toughest warm-up yet, because the Blackbirds apparently feature a stud three-point shooter in Michael Culpo and a talented wingman in Julian Boyd. Eric is worried that Long Island will pose an upset threat because they want to avoid a disappointing 0-3 start. Psshhh yeah right, and Ed DeChellis had a beard.

Game time is 7:00 PM ET. Once again, you're stuck either paying out of pocket to watch on, or listening on the radio to Steve Jones/Dick Jerardi or the future sports broadcasting studs of tomorrow on PSU ComRadio. 

As always, the standard rules for open threads apply. I really hope I don't have to reiterate them by now. 

* Damn straight, I was going to make a Beatles reference