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Sandusky Investigation Update: Fire, Duck, Cover

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[If you're in the Philly area Saturday, especially the western 'burbs, consider attending this fine event.  Penn State vs. Ohio State on a 30-foot screen?  All you can drink?  Proceeds to charity?  Go!]

Some news updates from around the region, state, and country on the Jerry Sandusky investigation. Oh, and hope you caught South Park last night. That was just a matter of time -- and yes, I laughed. Beats crying or kicking the dog at this point.

One of the thoroughly underreported aspects of this story is The Second Mile.  Hard to see them surviving this scandal.  One thought would be for them to disband, restart under a different name, and attempt to return to their efforts in helping children across the state.  Make no mistake, this charity did a lot of good for many kids.  In reality, however, Second Mile is finished.

Second Mile official had concerns about Jerry Sandusky and certain boys in 2008 |
The charity's board will decide if The Second Mile has a future. "A scenario says your brand is so broken you can't make it happen," interim CEO David Woodle said.

Patriot-News Special Report: The Second Mile and Penn State: Charity and university's fates were tied together |
The charity basked in the imprimatur of Penn State. Sandusky ran it at the same time he was the Nittany Lions’ greatest defensive coach. Joe Paterno served as master of ceremonies at its biggest fundraiser. Penn State players helped with fundraising.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett defends Second Mile Foundation grant action |
"Yes I knew this (Sandusky investigation was under way), but I could not act publicly on this without saying certain things that would have possibly compromised the investigation. So eventually we did approve it." - Gov. Tom Corbett, explaining his administration's approval this summer of a capital grant to the Second Mile Foundation.

Gov. Tom Corbett suspends $3 million state grant to Sandusky's charity, Second Mile |
Sandusky, charged in the sexual assault of boys, used the charity to find victims, prosecutors allege.

Then, there's the ongoing saga of Mike McQueary.  He's been getting raked over the coals for his alleged lack of response after seeing Sandusky and a young boy in the showers at Penn State, and now getting equally criticized for what might be a change in his story.  Did he contact the police?  Did he break up the shower scene?  It's getting hard to tell what is truth and what is meant to clumsily salvage McQueary's reputation. 

Definitely check the NYT story below, which details how investigators tracked McQueary from a PSU message board and convinced him to meet in a remote parking lot to tell his side of the story.

Mike McQueary attended Jerry Sandusky fundraiser one year after making sexual assault allegations |
A story published in June of 2003 in the Centre Daily Times shows that McQueary was among those who attended a fundraiser organized by Sandusky, whom he allegedly witnessed sexually assaulting a boy about a year prior.

Internet Posting Helped Sandusky Investigators -
Law enforcement officials wound up looking into the question of a Penn State cover-up in the Sandusky case.

And oh, right, the victims.  One of them is apparently even more emboldened to testify after Sandusky's self-immolation with Bob Costas on national television, and there may or may not be more victims coming forward.

Sandusky Accuser Would Testify in Sexual Assault Case, Lawyer Says -
A lawyer for an alleged victim in the Penn State child sexual abuse case said Jerry Sandusky’s recent comments on television had emboldened his client to testify against him.

Reports on additional Sandusky victims are wrong, police say |
Authorities have asked for victims to contact them. State police have reported just one more victim than those listed in charges.

Exclusive: Jerry Sandusky interview prompts long-ago victims to contact lawyer |
Hearing Sandusky's voice and his words proclaiming no wrong — while admitting he showered innocently with boys — was a trigger for some who allege they were abused by the former Penn State defensive coordinator.

Other legal wranglings:

Jerry Sandusky preliminary hearing assigned to Westmoreland County district judge |
Judge Robert E. Scott has no known connections with Penn State or Second Mile

Penn State interim football coach Tom Bradley was among those who testified in Sandusky case |
A summary of Bradley’s testimony is not outlined in the 23-page grand jury presentment, but a source close to the investigation confirmed Bradley did appear and testified in over the summer.