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Big Ten Preview: Week Twelve

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Week 11 of the 2011 season has every Big Ten team playing in the noon slot except for PSU/OSU. Kinda odd.

Game of the Week:

Nebraska Cornhuskers 8-2 (4-2) @ Michigan Wolverines 8-2 (4-2) - 12 PM on ESPN
Last Week: Nebraska won 17-14 Michigan won 31-14
Favorite: Michigan (-3.5 o/u 51)
All Time Series: Michigan leads 3-2-1

Nebraska and Michigan are both trying to keep their dying hopes at a division title alive with a win this weekend. Michigan's best offensive weapon in this game may no longer be Denard Robinson, now that Fitzgerald Toussaint has emerged at RB. Robinson missed most of the second half against Illinois due to a bruised hand. Nebraska got a much needed win at Penn State last week, and if they win this game, they'll need one MSU loss to retake the inside track for the Legends Division.

Prediction: Nebraska - 28 Michigan - 23

All the Rest:

Minnesota Golden Gophers 2-8 (1-5) @ Northwestern 5-5 (2-4) - 12 PM on BTN
Last Week: Minnesota lost 42-13 Northwestern won 28-6
Favorite: Northwestern (-15.5 o/u 57.5)
All Time Series: Minnesota leads 50-31-5

Northwestern is now only a win away from bowl eligibility after it seemed like they wouldn't make it just a few short weeks ago. Minnesota has long been eliminated from bowl consideration, but they can still hurt some teams that aren't prepared (see: Iowa). This feels like a game they can win.

Prediction: Minnesota - 27 NW - 20

Indiana Hoosiers 1-9 (0-6) @ Michigan State Spartans 8-2 (5-1) - 12 PM on BTN
Last Week: Indiana lost 34-20 MSU won 37-21
Favorite: MSU (-28 o/u 53)
All Time Series: MSU leads 41-14-2

Indiana has no shot here. MSU clinches the Legends Division with a win and a Nebraska loss.

Prediction: MSU - 34 Indiana - 7

Wisconsin Badgers 8-2 (4-2) @ Illinois Fighting Illini 6-4 (2-4) - 12 PM on ESPN2
Last Week: Wisconsin won 42-13 Illinois lost 31-14
Favorite: Wisconsin (-14.5 o/u 51.5)
All Time Series: Illinois leads 36-34-2

This Illinois team is taking on a ton of water. A season that was once so promising for the Zookers has become a nightmare. It doesn't get any easier this week as the Badgers (isn't it a great time to be a badger fan?) roll into town.

Prediction: Wisconsin - 40 Illinois - Pain

Iowa Hawkeyes 6-4 (3-3) @ Purdue Boilermakers 5-5 (3-3) - 12 PM on BTN
Last Week: Iowa lost 37-21 Purdue won 26-23
Favorite: Iowa (-3 o/u 51.5)
All Time Series: Purdue leads 45-33-3

Iowa faces off against their Most Hated Rival Purdue this week. Purdue finds themselves a win away from bowl eligibility after an OT win against OSU. Iowa saw their Legends Division hopes go up in flames last week as they laid an egg against MSU. Last year, Iowa folded down the stretch after a painful loss. We'll see if they can avoid that this year.

Prediction: Iowa - 23 Purdue - 21