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BSD Week in Review & Pregame Open Thread: 11.19.11

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It's go time...

The Proud To Be A Penn Stater fundraiser for RAINN is up to...


as of this writing.  Don't let that big number prevent you from chipping in at this juncture.  $20 might get some late-night hotline workers a few pounds of coffee.  Don't they deserve their coffee?  Here's where your money goes.

Friday, 11.18.11

Big Ten Preview: Week Twelve - by Kyle

Wrestling Wreport: Minnesota Preview - by Galen

Joe Paterno Has Lung Cancer - by Chris

NCAA to Launch Investigation into Penn State - by Mike

Penn State Depth Chart & Injury Report: Ohio State - by Mike

Success With Hyperlinking Is Sending Personalized Giftbags To Nagurski Voters - by Peter

Preview: Penn State at Ohio State - by Chris

Amateur Blog Mob Roundtable Week 12 - Penn State vs. Ohio State - by Adam

Thursday, 11.17.11

Big Ten Bloggers Pick'em & Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Week 12 - by Galen

Terry Pegula Defends Penn State, Takes Shots At Paterno - by Chris

National Preview: Week Twelve - by Peter

Success with Hyperlinking: My How Things Change - by Kyle

Sandusky Investigation Update: Fire, Duck, Cover - by Chris

The Tragic Dichotomy of the Penn State Fan - by Jeff

Penn State Guts Out 77-68 Victory Over LIU - by Eric

Wednesday, 11.16.11

Basketball Live Game Thread: Penn State vs. Long Island - by Tim

Tom Bradley Press Conference Recap - by Ben

Success With Hyperlinking NO MORE QUESTIONS - by Peter

Black Shoe Diaries Podcast: Ohio State Preview With Ramzy Nasrallah - by Chris

Just the Stats: Penn State at Ohio State - by Mike

Former Foes: Week 10 - by Galen

Tuesday, 11.15.11

JerryGate: The Ongoing Saga of the Penn State Scandal - by Jeff

Penn State Suffocates Radford 62-46 - by Eric

Success with Hyperlinking Welcomes You to Ohio State Week - by Kyle

Inside the Real Paterno-Sandusky Relationship - by Ben

Tuesday Recruitin' Is Leaderless But Will Return To Greatness - by Jeff

BlogPoll 2011: Week 12 Ballot - by Nick

Monday, 11.14.11

Basketball Live Game Thread: Penn State vs. Radford - by Tim

Wrestling Wreport: the Bloomsburg recap - by Galen

Bowling For Bowls: A Primer - by Peter

The (Updated) Path to Indy: Or Why The Land Grant Trophy May Rear Its Ugly Head - by Jeff

Success With Hyperlinking Is Magical And Amazing - by Peter

Big Ten Recap: Week 11 - by Kyle

National Recap: Week Eleven - by Peter

Sunday-Saturday, 11.12-13.11

Photo Gallery: Penn State vs Nebraska - by Mike

UPDATE: #ProudPSUforRAINN over $300K! Keep moving! - by Adam

Penn State Basketball Defeats Hartford 70-55 In Season Opener - by Tim

Sunday Morning Coming Down: Were You There? What Was It Like? - by Chris

Penn State Loses To Nebraska 17-14 - by Ben

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