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BSD Pick'Em Update: Yeah, Sorry 'Bout That

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Gameday Depot
FTC disclosure: This contest is sponsored by Gameday Depot and SB Nation.

Been a little crazy around here.  Congratulations to sab421, dabears42, and M1EK (who just missed on his Nebraska 179, Michigan 2 tiebreaker guess) for winning recent weeks of BSD Pick 'Em and the $10 gift certificate from Gameday Depot. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email with instructions on how to claim your prize.

There's another $10 gift certificate up for grabs this week and a $50 gift certificate for the entire season, so keep playing.

The season top ten are below the jump. We're getting close to the end, but you can still win $10 weekly prizes if you're way down in the standings.

You can view the full standings at Fun Office Pools.

Overall Standings Through Week 12
Rank Selection W-L Pts

1 gradiology's picks 112-85 1040  
2 tease me 109-88 1028  
3 JimbeauShoes 113-84 1017  
4 Brums 114-83 1014  
5 Tuscaloosalion 110-87 992  
6 Mandatory Mustache 104-93 989  
7 Picks Made Possible By a Pegula Donation 102-95 988  
8 humility 107-90 981  
9 kdf5005 107-90 977  
10 BZACHARY's picks 103-94 976