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YAY HOOPS: Penn State vs. South Florida Live Game Thread

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[Given that South Florida's mascot is the Bulls, I couldn't resist - TA]

So, the final result of yesterday's basketball game against Kentucky ended up being as ugly as we might have imagined. The good news is twofold, though: PSU should shoot better than 26% today (and 33% from the free throw line), and South Florida's sheer talent level is nothing like Kentucky's (granted, USF's 6'10" man in the middle, Augustus Gilchrist, will certainly exploit PSU's lack of an interior defense). This makes today's consolation game in the Hall Of Fame Tip-Off Tournament a far more realistically winnable one. is carrying the game once again. For those of you unable to view, you can listen to dynamic duo of Jones and Jerardi on the Penn State Radio Network. And as always, the same standard thread rules apply: No porn, no streaming feeds other than ESPN3's, and no trollish comments or writing things you wouldn't dare say in public (unless you were a member of the KKK or Westboro Baptist Church).