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Tom Bradley Press Conference Recap

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The always popular selection of quotes from Tom Bradley's second ever press conference as head coach. Between you and me I could get used to this situation.

Q. Tom, what has the win over Ohio State done for the mindset of the players?

COACH BRADLEY: I think it gave them a little bit more confidence, a little bit more belief. They knew it was a rough road playing Nebraska, Ohio State and now coming up with Wisconsin. A lot of their hard work paid off last week. They're excited to be able to go out and play for the championship game here for this side of the division.

Q. Tom, I know you've only recently started to work with the players on offense in depth. But what sort of relationship do you have with Matt McGloin, and how do you think he's handled all this the last two weeks?

COACH BRADLEY: Right now with Matt, we have I'm obviously not with him all the time. I've spent some time with him. I'll continue to spend some time with him to get to know him better, as I will all the players on offense.

Q. Is there something that you think that you're going to have to maybe do a little differently this week to get the guys ready in the midst of all that?

COACH BRADLEY: Part of it is that they have no classes this week. So the first thing I had to do was institute the mandatory study hall for the freshmen and the players that are at risk right now. We've got some things because it is Thanksgiving; we have a Thanksgiving dinner planned for them. I'm going to take them to a movie on Wednesday night.

We'll see how that goes. But we're able the NCAA said we're allowed to give them free popcorn and a Coke. So that's a good start. We did rent the whole theater. It will just be us.

We'll try to do a lot of team functions later in the week. Right now letting them rest up and study and do whatever they have to do. Tuesdays are a big practice for us, big day of practice. We'll back off as we go during the week. We'll keep to our same schedule, the time we're going to leave. I've tried to keep the schedule as close to possible of what we do during the season. So we're used to it. They understand it. And we're going to stick to that routine.

Q. As a follow up to that, without giving away specifics, how broad is your package with the Wildcat? Without don't have to give away anything.

COACH BRADLEY: Depends. What's the definition of "broad"? I mean, I'm obviously not going to get into the whole depth of that thing and be dishonest, but we have other things that we can do off of it. Whether we elect to use them...I think there's a time and a place for everything in the game.

And it does give us a chance to people now have to prepare for that. They've got to take time away and prepare. Just like coaching defense, we see one play of one thing. We've got to practice it. We've got to take time and practice it. Because we know there's other options off of that play. So what are they? So now we have to practice those other options. It's just things forcing you to practice.

Q. You talked about the sportsmanship they displayed at the Ohio State. Have you heard proactive messages from Wisconsin?

COACH BRADLEY: Yes. Barry Alvarez called me the other day. Barry asked me. He said they would do something in memory of the victims and the situation. But he wanted to make sure that we were okay if we just went up and played football. And they would handle the rest.

Q. How do you like so far being head coach? Are you having any fun with it? Has it been a positive experience so far?

COACH BRADLEY: I've been having some fun. I think the players have been having more fun with it than I have. They kind of give it to me a lot more than I give it to them. I know there's certain things that they have fun with, and they tease me. It's been a good relationship. I've enjoyed that part of it.

I told them I wouldn't change. So they're enjoying that. It's been positive. I'm doing okay. It's better when you win than lose.

Q. Have you decided yet if you will be seeking the permanent full time job here? And the second part of that, with so many people around the country thinking Penn State should clean house, have you given any thought about whether that would work against you as a potential candidate?

COACH BRADLEY: I certainly would want the permanent job here. Secondly, I'm not concerned about what other people think. I'm worried about what our administration thinks and what the people that are going to make that decision think.

Right now I'm only worried about I really don't have time to I've learned that through the course of my lifetime. I only worry about the things I can control. And right now I'm worried about making sure I do the best job for these players.

So if I don't if I end up not getting the job, I can look back and say I gave everything I had to help those guys win a championship. And some day down the road, no matter how many years down the road they'll say, "hey, Coach worked for us until the end."

Sometimes I would much rather maybe have their respect knowing that not only myself, but all the coaches down there, trainers, doctors, strength coaches, did everything they could to help them reach one of their dreams, which is to be on the championship team.