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Big Ten Bloggers Pick'em & Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Week 13

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This YMCA song is awesome! (Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images)
This YMCA song is awesome! (Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images)
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Happy Thanksgiving Penn State nation! By the time you read this I'll be fighting for my life with the hopes of getting my hands on some sweet Black Friday Thursday night deals, drunk on tryptophan (and alcohol).  Don't worry I brought my riot gear and pepper spray.  I'll hopefully catch the tail end of the Thursday night game because we have a good one.  #25 Texas (6-4) takes on cross-state rival Texas A&M (6-5).  Everything's bigger in Texas and hopefully that rings true when it comes to football games. Why Texas at 6-4 is ranked I'll never know but it appears to be a fairly evenly matched game, at least on paper. 

Your Prognosticators had a decent week; BSD went a respectable 5-1 in the Big Ten Bloggers Pick'em.  Hopefully we can maintain the momentum.  Stats and predictions after the jump and as always stop by for your Thursday night open thread.  We'll try and keep you from falling asleep.

Last Week's Results

Last Week Wins Losses
BSD 5 1
Tim 6 0
Galen 5 1
Mike 5 1
Peter 5 1
Jeff 4 2
Kyle 4 2
Ben 4 2


Tim gets the gold star for a perfect week.  Kyle gets the balls of steel award for picking Minnesota over Northwestern, he didn't win but it was still a balls-y pick.  Had the others listened to Kyle, Tim and me on Penn State BSD would have had a perfect week as well.  We KNEW Bradley would install the Wildcat as soon as he had the head coaching job.  I mean, it only makes sense people!


Total Wins Losses Win %
BSD 67 23 74
Galen 60 17 78
Tim 59 18 77
Jeff 68 22 76
Kyle 66 24 73
Mike 66 24 73
Peter 65 25 72
Ben 57 26 69


I maintain my razor slim lead and Jeff is spiraling out of control.  With Tim's perfect week he jumps into second place, one game out of the lead.  It all comes down to one week and this week will decide a champ which brings us to...

This week's games

Day Date Opponent Location TV Time
Fri 11/25/2011 Iowa @ Nebraska Lincoln, Neb. ABC 12:00 PM ET
Sat 11/26/2011 Michigan State @ Northwestern Evanston, Ill. BTN 12:00 PM ET
Sat 11/26/2011 Ohio State @ Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich. ABC 12:00 PM ET
Sat 11/26/2011 Illinois @ Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. BTN 3:30 PM ET
Sat 11/26/2011 Penn State @ Wisconsin Madison, Wis. ESPN 3:30 PM ET
Sat 11/26/2011 Purdue @ Indiana Bloomington, Ind. BTN 3:30 PM ET


Iowa is fighting for a decent bowl and Nebraska is just fighting themselves.  Michigan hasn't beat Ohio State in seven tries and I'm a creature of habit so the Wolverines will have to prove it to me.  Does anyone really care about Purdue and Indiana, or Illinois and Minnesota?  I know one game that people will be watching and that's the battle for the second spot in the Big Ten Championship.  I'm totally going homer this week.

The Picks

Peter Jeff Mike Kyle Ben Tim Galen BSD
Nebraska Nebraska Iowa Nebraska   Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska
Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State   Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State
Ohio State Michigan Michigan Michigan   Michigan Ohio State Michigan
Minnesota Illinois Illinois Minnesota   Minnesota Illinois Illinois
Wisconsin Penn State Wisconsin Penn State   Penn State Penn State Penn State
Purdue Purdue Purdue Purdue   Purdue Purdue Purdue


Ben was too busy being the great writer/pepper spray target that he is to give us his picks so I'll take executive power and declare Illinois BSD's pick for that game.  Other than that it's pretty clear cut. Stop by here for your Thursday night open thread, give us your comments, jokes, memes and whatnot (my Mom makes a delicious whatnot by the way).

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