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Penn State Loses To Wisconsin 45-7

For the most part I think we suspected that Penn State wasn't going to win this game. Most fans knew that. Penn State was going to bring in their Plan A. Play good enough defense to stay in the game, not make any mistakes, and hope the other team turned the ball over. It is something every Penn State fan has come to recognize as the "Big Game" playbook.

But as (almost) always, Plan A didn't work. Devon Smith dropped a big pass, Matt McGloin threw an interception, the defense couldn't stop the run, and penalties came at times they shouldn't have. Wisconsin was the better team as they had been almost all season.The one wrinkle left in the bag was a wildcat formation that tore a patched together Ohio State defense apart. Any hope of surprising Wisconsin was gone when that came out in the Horseshoe. Penn State could have won the game, but the odds were against them for a reason.

In a lot of ways it might be good this season is almost over. I don't want to say that I haven't "enjoyed" what has happened on the field, but as a group Penn State just needs to step back and figure this one out. As fans we're eating each otheralive almost as fast as this team is falling apart. It isn't that I don't understand why, but things are piling on at an alarming rate. I like to think that I'm someone who operates within the universe of basic logic, and even I am struggling.

All of that being said, I love this team. Sure they have the amazing ability to make me throw things at the TV, but at the end of the day they aren't perfect and I kind of love them for it. It's frustrating, but I can't quit them.

I don't know what bowl game Penn State is headed to, but I hope they give'em hell when they get there.