Incredible Hypocrisy

Individuals had knowledge of child sex abuse in 2002. Instead of taking this information to the police, they sat on it. Nine years later the story came out.

I'm not talking about Penn State.


I'm talking about ESPN.


Apparently, in 2002, ESPN officials got access to an audiotape of a telephone conversation in which Bernie Fine's wife told one of his alleged victims that she knew he was guilty.

ESPN took no action and sat on this tape. See the following link for details:


Where is the "ESPN" tab on the ESPN Bottom Line providing us with hourly details on new allegations and firings? Where is their ombudsman? These hypocrites ranted and railed about Penn State - fire Paterno, cancel the season, destroy the program - "for the kids."


ESPN orchestrated and participated in a nine year cover up to protect Syracuse University, Jim Boeheim, and Big East basketball - one of their largest moneymaking projects.


Heads need to roll. In a major way.

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