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Success With Hyperlinking Is Fired - Just Kidding - But Seriously

No for real, everyone's fired. In no particular order:

Rob Ianello - Akron
Larry Porter - Memphis
Rick Neuheisel - UCLA (reportedly after Pac-12 Championship Game)
Paul Wulff - Washington State (probably, but not a done deal yet)
Dennis Erickson - Arizona State (reportedly will be let go this week)
Neil Callaway - UAB
Ron Zook - Illinois
Turner Gill - Kansas

And that's just from Sunday. Several other coaches should have their heads firmly on a swivel. A lot of these aren't really surprises, but the heads seem to be rolling in larger numbers than usual this year. Not sure if that's just me or not.

And in the hiring dept... Urbz is officially in at Ohio State. Here we go.

Tune in. The Big Ten Football Awards will be on BTN tonight at 7:30. Tune in to see Devon Still claim his crop of awards.

GIF of the Millennium. Bless you, Will Hagerup, for giving us this gold.

So yeah. Get ready for the LSU-Alabama rematch.