Why Didnt ESPN Do More?? UPDATED 12/2 NEW INFO!

We are all pretty aware of the lengths ESPN reporters will go when they smell a story that they have half of the facts to. Considering this, it disturbs me greatly to just find out that in the Syracuse scandal, ESPN was GIVEN a copy of a recorded conversation between one of the victims and Fine's wife.

This is a direct link to the story that confirms (From ESPN themselves) that they had the tape and the story in 2003 and transcript of the conversation:

ESPN OTL Article Fine's Wife

Below, I take a tiny snipet from the article that I find very disturbing and extremely horrifying.

Davis first gave the tape to ESPN in 2003. At the time, ESPN did not report Davis' accusations, or report the contents of the tape, because no one else would corroborate his story.


After reading this incredibly horrible transcript and story, I cannot help but ask myself... Why didnt ESPN contact the police? In this phone call, that is now thankfully in the hands of the police, Bernie Fine's wife says some pretty disturbing and Damning things about her husband. Disgusting and vile things that would make any normal person pretty aware that something was not right here.

Any DECENT person, reporter or not, you would think would at least go to their superiors... and of course their morals (Of which we were reminded of time and time again lately) would OF COURSE lead them to at least contact the authorities with this information.

But guess what... they werent.

So my question is... Why ESPN? Because you didnt legally have to? Did it come down to a moral decision? Did ESPN fail its moral obligation to further investigate this story or at least let the police know?

Personally, I think they did fail.

Another question is... What moral compass will they hold themselves to now? How many more boys were molested while ESPN had this knowledge? Will they Damn themselves for allowing the possibility that while they sat on this story that countless others were abused?

Time will tell wont it.

But do they deserve the benefit of the doubt until we do find out everything?


UPDATED!!! 11/30

ESPN On Why They Didnt Bring Story To The Police


UPDATED!!!! 12/2 (Credit TheWrathofQBEagles)

After the firing of Bernie Fine, the Syracuse chancellor released a statement that ESPN covered thoroughly.

The only part of the chancellor's statement ESPN omits?

“Had that tape surfaced in 2003, Fine would have been fired. Had we been given the tape in 2005, we would have gone straight to the authorities. Had we been given the tape on Nov. 17, there would have been no “administrative leave.” Fine would have been fired on the spot. When the tape emerged for the first time on Nov. 27, we fired Fine. Those who held onto the tape for nearly 10 years owe everyone an explanation.”

So did they get there late and didnt see this part or did they deem that part of the statement unimportant?

Sue Pa at the pool is getting 15 updated every 15 minutes and thats Sports News... but THIS ISNT?

Are you kidding me?

Here is a link for more information:

ESPN reporting only what THEY feel like

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