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BlogPoll 2011: Week 14 Ballot

If you wanted a visual representation of Penn State's attempt to win their division outright against Wisconsin, it'd be using water to put out a grease fire. That game went wrong in every way and it got ugly fast. Hope everyone that fried this Thanksgiving thawed the turkey first. The BlogPoll has more or less settled down just in time for the end of the regular season, then again a combination of time off and unfamiliar match-ups make bowls throw a wrench into everything again. Take a look at the BlogPoll ballot below the jump. As always, questions, corrections, suggestions and objections are welcome.

Stanford stands in second now ahead of Alabama, but Oklahoma State may move above too. I'm firmly in the no rematch title game camp. If Alabama didn't beat LSU in a game at Tuscaloosa, then I'm sorry, they don't get another chance. The other team I'm wildly divergent on compared to the BCS polls is Virginia Tech, which I don't see as a Top-5 team at all. Obviously, Arkansas, Penn State and Clemson are the biggest drops this week. Georgia Tech and Notre Dame fell out completely and were replaced by Texas and Southern Miss. Games of interest this week are mostly conference championship games, but not all: LSU against Georgia in Atlanta, Michigan State against Wisconsin in Indianapolis, Oklahoma at Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech against Clemson in Charlotte, Texas at Baylor and Southern Miss at Houston.

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