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National Preview (OF THE CENTURY!): Week Ten

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It's finally here, folks! The game of the century of the year of the week! If you've seen ESPN at any point in the past couple days, you probably would have noticed that they have a down-to-the-second clock counting down until kickoff in Tuscaloosa on Saturday. They've also embedded Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi in Baton Rouge and T-Town, respectively. If ESPN is any indication, there aren't any other games happening this weekend, BUT WE KNOW THEY ARE WRONG!

The Headliner

(1) LSU Tigers @ (2) Alabama Crimson Tide (8 pm, Saturday)
Line: Alabama -4.5

Perhaps you've heard about this game. Perhaps you're also already tired of hearing about it, so I'mma just get out of your way then. Gimme LSU plus the points.

Worthy Of Your Consideration

(17) Kansas St. Wildcats @ (3) Oklahoma St. Cowboys (8 pm, Saturday)
Line: OSU -21

We may have witnessed K-State's high water mark for the season last week, immediately before they were torched by Oklahoma. Things don't get any easier for the Wildcats, as they have to go down to Stillwater to play the other Oklahoma team. I'm not optimistic they'll get back in the win column this week, as the Cowboy offense should be able to overwhelm them by the second half, if not earlier. It doesn't help that Kansas State's offense is not one that's built to A) come from behind, and B) compete in a shootout.

(6) Oregon Ducks @ Washington Huskies (10:30 pm, Saturday)
Line: UO -16.5

Washington hasn't beaten Oregon since 2003. Despite the fact that the Huskies are making strides as a program, they won't get that elusive win over the Ducks this year. Too much speed on offense for the Ducks, and too little quality depth on defense for the Huskies. Keith Price and the Washington offense may be able to exploit some matchups, but they may not be able to if they're down big and forced to throw a lot.

Texas A&M Aggies @ (7) Oklahoma Sooners (3:30 pm, Saturday)
Line: OU -13.5

The Texas A&M Big 12 Goodbye Tour is really going great, you guys. One might say that the Aggies are havin' a real good time. A real. good. time. Oh hey, look what I found.

(10) South Carolina Gamecocks @ (8) Arkansas Razorbacks (7:15 pm, Saturday)
Line: Piggy -5.5

Last year, the Razorbacks were able to go into Columbia and lay the lumber to Sakerlina. Neither team is as good as they were last year, but SC's offense has effectively been disarmed with the loss of Marcus Lattimore. Without him, I don't see the Gamecocks being able to keep up with Arkansas in Fayetteville. With this loss, you should see SC drop like a stone in the rankings.

(23) Cincinnati Bearcats @ Pittsburgh Panthers (7 pm, Saturday)
Line: UC -3.5


Avert Your Eyes

(4) Stanford Cardinal @ Oregon St. Beavers (3:30 pm, Saturday)
Line: Stan -21

(5) Boise St. Broncos @ UNLV Rebels (10:30 pm, Saturday)
Line: BSU -41.5

(14) Houston Cougars @ UAB Blazers (7 pm, Saturday)
Line: UH -28

New Mexico St. Aggies @ (18) Georgia Bulldogs (12:30 pm, Saturday)
Line: UGA -33.5

(20) Arizona St. Sun Devils @ UCLA Bruins (7:30 pm, Saturday)
Line: ASU -9

(21) USC Trojans @ Colorado Buffaloes (9 pm, Friday)
Line: USC -21.5

Louisville Cardinals @ (24) West Virginia Mountaineers (Noon, Saturday)
Line: WVU -13.5

On bye week: (11) Clemson, (12) Virginia Tech, (22) Georgia Tech, (25) Auburn

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