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Big Ten Bloggers Pick'em & Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Week 10

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Ed. - Snacks on Snacks is being postponed this weekend, as I will be judging a chili cook-off in Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon. A full report will be delivered sometime on Sunday, depending on the type and amount of alcohol served at said cook-off. See you then! JJ

Ah bye weeks.  As fans, bye weeks are bitter sweet: there's no football game for our beloved Nittany Lions so there's no stress because the boys in Blue and White can't lose, but on the other hand.... there's no football for us.  We do get to sit around and watch everyone else play and laugh at other fans' expense but it's just not football.  Bye weeks are like family reunions in that way, sure a reunion is technically a party and you get to sit around and laugh at family you haven't seen in years, but there's just something missing*.  

We do have a great game this week with #1 and #2 meeting in Tuscaloosa but before that we have a Thursday night match-up between Florida State (5-3) and Boston College (2-6) at 8:00 PM on ESPN. On paper it looks like a blowout  but who knows, anything can happen and let's face it, you'll be tuning in to see the bad guys (aka FSU) take on the good guys (aka Boston College).  Who doesn't love to root for a underdog good guy?

As always the Big Ten Blogger's Pick'em and Thursday night Open Thread are after the jump.

Last week's results

Last Week Wins Losses
BSD 3 3
Mike 2 4
Jeff 3 3
Tim 3 3
Galen 4 2
Peter 2 4
Kyle 5 1
Ben 3 3


Last week I was praising Mike for a 4-1 record picking Michigan State and jumping his way to #2 in the standings.  This week I laugh at him for picking Michigan State and Purdue (WTF!?!) and FAILing like the Chinese space program. 


Mike in pic form


Total Wins Losses Win % Total Games
BSD 55 18 75 73
Jeff 57 16 78 73
Kyle 56 17 77 73
Galen 46 14 77 60
Mike 55 18 75 73
Tim 45 15 75 60
Peter 53 20 73 73
Ben 50 23 68 73


With Mike's plummet, Kyle and I are sitting in second place yet again, and we seem to be moving like two conjoined twins sharing the same brain.  Really, who would have predicted Iowa forgetting how to cover a kickoff for the second year in a row?  Only Kyle was brave enough to pick OSU and for that we salute you.

This week's games

Day Date Opponent Location TV Time
Sat 11/5/2011 Indiana @ Ohio State Columbus, Ohio BTN 12:00 PM ET
Sat 11/5/2011 Michigan @ Iowa Iowa City, Iowa ESPN 12:00 PM ET
Sat 11/5/2011 Minnesota @ Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. BTN 12:00 PM ET
Sat 11/5/2011 Northwestern @ Nebraska Lincoln, Neb. BTN 3:30 PM ET
Sat 11/5/2011 Purdue @ Wisconsin Madison, Wis. ABC 3:30 PM ET


Not much here to talk about, I think Wisconsin, Michigan State and tOSU are locks. (Sorry Minnesota, you're one week flirtation with relevance is officially over, welcome back to the basement).  The Iowa - MSU game is intriguing, is Iowa packing it in for the year or will they give one last push?  The other question I have on my mind: is Nebraska looking ahead?  The Penn State - Nebraska game became a lot more sexy since both are ranked in the top 20.

The Picks

Peter Jeff Mike Kyle Ben Tim Galen BSD
Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan IOWA Iowa Michigan
Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State
Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska
Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin


So I'll answer my own question above, I think Iowa will give it one last ditch effort and pull one out against the Skunkbears.  Was that going too much out on a limb?  We'll find out.  For the rest of the games the pundits are all in agreement, so little will change next week.


*you can't go home with any of the women at the party