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Black Shoe Diaries Podcast - Manic Depression

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The season comes to a horrific close, with Penn State's demoltion at the hands of Deebo Bielema, Montee Ball, and Russell Wilson. Listen as Kevin F**king Powers and I discuss the various forces conspiring against Penn State's present and future, including:

  • The fine art of Big Ten officiating
  • The uselessness of search committees
  • Urban Meyer's noble crusade to save college football from itself while also destroying Penn State
  • Truly dark, horrific possible destinations for PSU's coaching search
  • Russ Rose's amazing ability to multitask the coaching search and his team's NCAA tournament run
  • The weirdness of the "Senior Woman Administrator" job title
  • Dan Mullen, Charlie Strong, Tony Dungy and anyone else willing and brave enough to save us
  • The fine line between firing coaches and administrators
  • The burden of being Tom Bradley
  • And much, much more. It's an hour. Much of it spent crying on each others' shoulders.

BSD Podcast - Manic Depression

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