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Success With Hyperlinking Thinks It's Nice To Be Recognized

Deserved. Devon Still was named the Smith-Brown Defensive Lineman of the Year by the Big Ten. The trophy is named after Michigan State's Bubba Smith and our own Courtney Brown. You can see the rest of the award winners and all-conference selections here, but for those of you only interested in how PSU players did, he's the abridged version:

All-Conference Team (Selected by coaches)
First Team: Devon Still, Gerald Hodges
Second Team: Silas Redd, Jack Crawford, Nick Sukay
Honorable Mention: Drew Astorino, Anthony Fera, Jordan Hill, D'Anton Lynn, Derek Moye, Chima Okoli, Chaz Powell, Johnny Troutman

All Conference Team (Selected by media)
First Team: Still
Second Team: Redd, Fera, Hodges, Sukay
Honorable Mention: Astorino, Quinn Barham, Crawford, Fera, Hill, Lynn, Okoli, Powell, Nate Stupar, Troutman

Hey, it'd probably net you a raise. Do you need a new job? Why not apply to be the head football coach at Illinois? Sure, you'll have to clean up Zook's mess (figuratively, possibly literally), but I'm going to venture a guess and say that it would be a bump in compensation for 99.9% of the readership.

Oi vey. How bad do things have to get for a man to be fired after only two years at Kansas? Well, this bad.

Not sure how much waterfront there is in Pullman, but no matter. Washington State pulled the trigger and fired Paul Wulff yesterday, thus ensuring my wrath forevermore. In the ensuing press conference, AD Bill Moos basically said that he wants to give Mike Leach the job. Considering the pieces in place offensively for the Cougs, it would be a pretty good fit. It would also be an ideal scenario for me personally, as it would let me watch a Mike Leach coached team from a safe distance.

Lolz. Despite his tenure at Pitt only lasting 17 days, Mike Haywood left an indelible impression on the players there.