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Almost forgot our Player To Watch for this week, mostly because it's Penn State's bye week. Fans and coaches waited for defensive tackle Devon Still to recover from a severe knee injury and fulfill what most perceived to be substantial potential. He played well last year, but really made a name for himself against Florida's offensive line in last year's Outback Bowl. When Still was just a pup in high school -- okay, a four-star pup ranked the #12 DT nationally, here's what had to say about him:


College coaches just want him on the field and they'll decide where to put him later. Still has great balance and awareness at all times, knowing when to go for a knockout block on a trap or simply maintain his block when the back is going to sweep around his end. He is very aggressive of the edge on defense and could play on either side of the ball.

Give Penn State's coaches credit, they knew Still would eventually be a fantastic defensive tackle and he hasn't done anything to prove otherwise. He's a lock to be at least a second-team All-American, and is even starting to show up on some Heisman(!) lists. While we're at it, give Still the vast majority of the credit for his progress. He has treated 2011 as a 13-game NFL audition, and he's made himself a boatload of money this season. He's a sure-fire first round pick at this point.

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