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Success With Hyperlinking Is Trying To Concentrate On Football

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Hey look, something actually happened regarding realignment! Missouri is now officially in the SEC starting next year. For now, they'll be in the SEC East, but the language surrounding that statement seems to indicate that may change in the future.

NOOOOOOOOOO! Houston Nutt has reportedly been fired at Ole Miss, the day after the Rebels lost 30-13 to KENTUCKY. I can't say that it wasn't deserved, but I'm going to insist that someone give him another head coaching job immediately. He is far too entertaining to not be involved in college football, as he's perfected the art of oversigning and someone making your team worse.

This is what fear looks like. There were a few earthquakes in Oklahoma Saturday night, and Kirk Herbstreit was... let's just say he didn't enjoy the experience.

I mean, how would YOU celebrate a big win? Because I'm pretty sure Charlie Strong did it right by crowdsurfing after Louisville's big win over West Virginia.

Terrible. Oklahoma star Ryan Broyles tore his ACL on Saturday, which should end his career as a Sooner. He also ends his career as the NCAA's career leader in receptions.

Finally, a moment of levity. This is Freek's Mona Lisa.