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Success With Hyperlinking Is Desperately Looking For A Distraction

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How about some music.

Well look at that timing. Oregon released documents last night pertaining to their relationship to Will Lyles. If any other programs have violations that need to be disclosed, this week sure seems like a great time to do it.

Synergy! Fresh from the pirate overlords at SBN, we have Bill's bowl projections, which include PSU going to the Rose Bowl.

This is a promotion I can get behind. Arkansas State's Hugh Freeze is nothing if not a salesman, and using a drawing for a deer stand as a promotion at a football game is probably the best promotion I've ever heard.

There's an Ed Hardy logo on the other side. Notre Dame is wearing these helmets against Maryland. It looks like they took the helmets they wore against Michigan and ran them through Blingee a few times.

Rasslin'! Eight PSU wrestlers will begin the season ranked by Intermat when they start their season on Sunday. The team will start the year ranked number one in the nation. Kick some ass, men.