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Big Ten Bloggers Pick'em & Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Week 13

Dammit, did someone light a couch on fire again?!?!? (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Dammit, did someone light a couch on fire again?!?!? (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well, all good things must come to an end and with the Big Ten season over that also means that the Big Ten Blogger's Pick'em is coming to an end as well. Sad I know. The season seemed to fly by this year and although it was a down year for the Big Ten (did Ohio State really finish 6-6?!?!) it was an exciting year of football. I'm not entirely sure if the Daily Gopher will have the Pick'em for the Big Ten bowl games but we are picking the championship game. Wisconsin and Michigan State proved they were the cream of the crop in an otherwise mediocre conference. The game on Saturday should be a good one but before we get that game we have our Thursday night game. Tonight we get a match-up of the Mountaineers of West Virginia and the Bulls of South Florida. WVU is 8-3 and ranked 23rd while Florida is 5-6 and looking to gain bowl eligibility. The game starts at 8:00 and can be seen on ESPN but join us here for our weekly Thursday night open thread.

Stats and our predictions after the break.

Last Week's Results

Last Week Wins Losses
BSD 4 2
Galen 3 3
Jeff 4 2
Tim 5 1
Kyle 5 1
Mike 4 2
Peter 5 1

Tim, Kyle, and Peter all had good weeks and, of course, I had to pick the wrong time to go into a .500 slump. Thanks to that horrible week the standings are getting very tight on top because...


Total Wins Losses Win % Total Games
BSD 71 25 74 96
Galen 63 20 76 83
Tim 63 20 76 96
Jeff 72 24 75 83
Kyle 71 25 74 96
Mike 70 26 73 96
Peter 70 26 73 96
Ben 57 26 69 83

Tim and I are now officially tied for first place with Jeff and Kyle breathing down our necks. If we do pick the Big Ten bowl games they will most likely be the deciding games to determine the BSD prognosticating champion. If we don't the competition ends in a tie because...

B1G Championship game

Day Date Teams Location TV Time
Sat 12/3/2011 Wisconsin @ Michigan State Indianapolis, Ind. (Lucas Oil Stadium) Fox 7:17 PM CT

The Pick

Peter Jeff Mike Kyle Tim Galen BSD
Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin

No one was brave enough to pick Michigan State. If I were sitting in second place I might change my vote to try and tie things up but I'll take a tie over a loss any day. I don't think the game is as big of a lock as our predictions would indicate, I think Michigan State is playing good ball now and if they don't make the boneheaded mistakes Penn State did they could certainly pull this game out.

Let us know what you think about the championship game in the comments.

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