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YAY HOOPS: Penn State at Duquesne Live Game Thread (aka "Occupy Consol")

Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flames (Video) (via dragonforceofficial)

So, the home cookin' provided by Ole Miss and Lafayette was god-awful and gave everybody food poisoning. That means it's time for Penn State (6-4) to wash the awful taste out of their mouths and hit the road again as they take on Duquesne (5-4) in Pittsburgh's Consol Energy Center, which usually acts as the home ice for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The game should be of a similar fast-paced tempo to a hockey game, as the Dukes like to push the ball on offense and press teams to death defensively, the type of pace that guys like Tim Frazier, Ross Travis, and Trey Lewis should thrive upon. The key will be PSU's ability to break the press and get some easy layups as opposed to settling for jump shots, which as you know by now, is not one of their strong suits. This Duquesne team may not have any big-time wins, but they are absolutely no joke, with their 84th overall Adjusted Offensive Efficiency rating on KenPom. In other words: PSU's defense will need to step up big time tonight in order to end their two-game losing skid.

Tip-off is at 7:00 PM ET tonight and you're going have to pretend it's the 1940's again because there's no TV, only radio commentary from Steve Jones and Dave Baker (check your local listings here, it's also on Channel 128 on Sirius XM satellite radio). If you're outside of PA and don't have Sirius XM, your best bet is to follow on ESPN or Yahoo's gametrackers. Also, for those of you attending this game, be on the lookout for 60 or so members of the Nittany Nation student section, who deserve props for their #OccupyConsol hashtag.

As always, the same thread rules apply: No porn, no homophobic/racist/sexist/trolling type comments, and no illegal radio feeds.