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Success With Hyperlinking Can Fully Enjoy Thursday Nights Now

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Whatever you're doing right now, stop. Take a moment to celebrate, because Craig James will no longer be calling college football games for ESPN. Why, you ask? Did they finally realize just how monstrously unpopular he is? Did they finally realize just how much of a conflict of interest he represented? Did they finally find the bodies of those five poor girls?

Nope. Craig James is running for Senate. He hasn't fully declared yet, but he will. And he is going to get his head handed to him in the primary. As for who will replace that murderous clod, I have a humble suggestion:


This is architectural pornography. Thank You Terry has the renderings of Pegula Ice Arena. Allow your eyes to feast.

This is just an excuse for Larry Scott to declare visiting the Dalai Lama as a business expense. The 2013 Stanford-Notre Dame game may be played in China. It's about time somebody tried to tap into those recruiting grounds!

*Wet fart sound* Malcolm Gladwell thinks college football should be banned, because, you know, everything with negative aspects should be banned from society forever.

Balanced. The softball team released their 2012 schedule this week. The season starts on February 10th, but the first home game isn't until April 3rd. Lousy Smarch weather.

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