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Success With Hyperlinking Faces A Weekend Sans Football

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Bravo. Penn State is will be donating $1.5 million in bowl revenue to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Note that it's revenue, not profit.

This is why we don't want an NFL retread as our next coach. Because more than likely, he'll end up being a Mike Sherman or a Mike Sherman-like substance, and that is just a big ole bag of suck. Sherman got fired last night by Texas A&M, meaning they'll get a new coach to go with that fancy new conference of theirs. As it turns out, a 25-25 record over four years won't really get it done at a program that fancies itself to be in the upper echelon.

This move could make a direct impact on Penn State, as now there's another relative "name brand" program out there looking for a new head coach at the same time. Supposedly the early favorite to land the job is Kevin Sumlin, who as far as I can tell isn't a candidate here, but who knows at this point.

Their spittle content seemed a bit low. Former Arizona head coach Mike Stoops has reportedly been offered the Ohio State defensive coordinator job. Stoops may not have been a great head coach, but he's still a pretty good coordinator-level coach. What I find interesting in all this is if Stoops takes the job, what happens to Luke Fickell? To go from an albeit interim head coach to not even a coordinator is an awful big pill to swallow.

It's impossible to love a coaching hire more than this. The Dread Pirate Mike Leach is the new coach at Washington State, and it seems to perfectly fit his MO of running an air raid team at a place that's barely on the grid. Leach is going to get a big boy salary though, in the area of $2 million a year, and that's due almost entirely to the Pac-12's new revenue sharing and TV deal. Don't believe me? Just ask their athletic director

Suck it, warm weather haterz. The Big Ten took home its third straight Big Ten/ACC Challenge, to the chagrin of all and oh my god they play such boring basketball and they're ruining the game and blah blah blah SHUT UP. Ken Pomeroy thinks the Big Ten is the best shootyhoop conference in the land. Your argument is invalid.

Unrelated to everything. Yet still pertinent to my interests.