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Success With Hyperlinking Is In A Holding Pattern

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Coaching Search Non-Update. Ron Musselman hashed over the coaching search again, and apparently talked to people, including an unnamed agent who thinks the job is "toxic." Musselman... Musselman... If I were him, I would've changed my name to MUSCLEMAN. ALL CAPS. [flexes]

Oh, about the column... Whatever. He knows about as much as we do.

[Firmly Affixes Tin Foil To Head] The University Park Police detective that investigated the 1998 incident thought that he had enough evidence to go forward, but the since-disappeared Ray Gricar shut him down.

I've Missed You, Schadenfreude. Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger got pinched by the SEC in a stock scheme. He and several others tried to sell people on an energy drink named "Rudy" which sounds completely terrible and like something I don't want to drink. Also, he was offsides.

That Must've Left A Mark. The Lady Lions beat Wagner 103-42 on Sunday. Just your average, every day 61 point win.

Tonight's Viewing. FIU is playing Marshall in the Beef O'Brady's Bowl tonight. Tune in to see the possible future Pitt or (hopefully) Penn State head coach, and just how unbelievably awesome he is.