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Success With Hyperlinking Would Never Steal From Santa, 'Cause That Ain't Right

Let's see, how do we properly combine two thoroughly tremendous Christmas traditions. Oh, yeah:

Run-DMC - Christmas In Hollis Charlie Brown (via Loudguitars)

When I'm King Of The World. Bombastic, arrogant sportswriters won't be able to hypocritically lecture the world while cowardly hiding from their own graphic, moral failings.

Fare Thee Well, Ron Vanderlinden? Last night, rumors began circulating about PSU linebackers coach Ron Vanderlinden taking the defensive coordinator job at Maryland. It's a weird fit, given that Vandy was fired as Maryland's head coach roughly a decade ago. Regardless, it's undoubtedly a step up in pay grade. Not to mention, all of Penn State's current coaches are likely going to need new jobs soon.

And Like That, Poof, It Was Gone. No charges will be filed in the locker room fight between Matt McGloin and Curtis Drake, but you can see video of it here.

Cool Story, Ladies. A coaltion of women's rights groups have asked the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights to investigate how Penn State handles sexual assault allegations against its athletes by dragging up the names Anwar Phillips and Scott Paxson. Desperate much? You'll recall that Phillips was expelled for two semesters while charged with sexual assault, and was later acquitted. Paxson's sexual assault charge was thrown out by a judge. Oh, Paxson's lawyer? Joe Amendola.

Make Money Money, Make Money Money Money. Penn State's football program raked in $53,000,000 last year and was the third most valuable football program in the nation, although Forbes expects that ranking to drop due to, well, you know.

"It seems almost certain that Penn State's reign as a top-earning program is coming to an end," Forbes said.


Penn State's program could lose $20 million to $30 million in the long term as a result of the scandal, according to Patrick Rishe, a Forbes contributor and Webster University economics professor, the magazine said.

The loss of alumni contributions and game-day income could reach up to $10 million per year and the team also is already losing some major high school recruits who have decided not to play football for Penn State, Forbes said.

Friends, Friends, Everywhere. BWI's Nate Bauer was on Yahoo Sports Radio a few days back. A very good interview, give it a listen.