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Success with Hyperlinking is Confused

Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year... check. Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year... check. All-America... un-check? Yup. Devon Still was passed over by the AFCA for the All-America team today. Yet two players from the Big Ten that Still beat out for those awards made the All-America team. *le sigh* This is the world we will be living in for awhile.

An interesting story regarding JoePa's future with Penn State. He still has tenure... for now.

The men's ice hockey team played Rutgers this weekend. They won both games by a combined score of 22-2. Ouch. The women's team wasn't as lucky though. They dropped both games in their visit to Rhode Island.

Dig Nittany Volleyball takes a look at how the remaining 16 teams in the tournament stack up based on their RBI and AVCA rank. And here's the recap from the match against Delaware on Saturday.

The women's swimming team finished second at the Ohio State invitational this past weekend.