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How Much Does Pitt Rivalry Matter?

You know it's the offseason when calls for the Pitt-Penn State rivalry to be renewed begin again, and Mike Oplinger of the Daily Collegian is kicking the tires on that issue this morning.

Pitt remains the logical choice to serve as a rival to Penn State. The universities need to rekindle the passion that made for a great history of football games.

The schools haven’t met in football since 2000 and since 2005 in basketball.

This makes little sense given the logical rivalry that could be formed, considering the geographic proximity and competition for students. Many high school students across Pennsylvania choose between Penn State and Pitt. Creating a rivalry between the schools could create playful teasing between former classmates that would last a lifetime.

Penn State athletics provide anything a student or sports fan could ever ask for — except that one win that is so important that it erases a subpar season.

So the question this morning, BSD readers, is whether a win over Pitt could have erased a subpar 2010 season in your mind or whether a win against Pitt would be more important to you than say, a win over Ohio State or Michigan. Vote and leave a comment if you wish.