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National Signing Day Open Thread

It's Christmas for the recruitniks out there. Today is the day that high school kids around the country can fax in their letters of intent to the school they wish to play for. There isn't expected to be too much drama for Penn State this year. The kids that have verballed to Penn State all seem pretty solid in their commitment. Baltimore safety Adrian Amos is the only unknown still hanging out there. He's expect to choose between Penn State, West Virginia, and UConn at 3 PM today. It will be interesting to see how weather factors into the events of today. A lot of kids fax their letters in from their school, but with the lousy weather across the country a lot of schools are closed. So don't panic if some kids don't get their letters faxed in by lunch time.

Next week we can start reading the stories about how bad Penn State is already botching the class of 2012. For now, just sit back and talk about the class of 2011.