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Penn State Basketball Is Going Dancing

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It's been a long road to get here. It's been ten years since Penn State last played in the NCAA Tournament. It's been eight years of building a program from the rubble of the Jerry Dunn era. It's been four years of watching Talor Battle fighting and scraping and carrying the hopes and dreams of a program and a fanbase. But the long journey is over, and this week Penn State will be playing in the NCAA Tournament as a No. 10 seed in the Western Regional bracket.


About a month ago I said I was done with this team after they dropped two double-digit leads to Michigan. I said I was done with them unless they made the NCAA tournament. At that time I didn't think they had any chance to make the dance. They proved me wrong, so with tail tucked between my legs I'm humbly coming back. Is there still a seat open on the wagon?

Penn State's opponent will be a familiar one: The Temple Owls. The Nittany Lions and Temple Owls are pretty familiar with each other, so it's going to be a battle. I must admit I'm a bit worried because the Owls have pretty much dominated the series like Penn State has dominated the football rivalry. But rarely has Temple won in a blowout. The games are usually pretty close, so I'm thinking anything can happen at this point.

We'll have more coverage as the week progresses. For now, just enjoy this evening, Nittany Lion fans. It's been a long time coming, and who knows when we'll get another shot after this one. Savor the moment.