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Tweet Your Way To Houston With SB Nation and Samsung

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Now you too can actually win something.
Now you too can actually win something.

As you probably noticed when you fired up the blog today, the good folks at Samsung are all about the NCAA Tournament. You will be seeing their presense around here quite a bit over the next month with advertising and some sponsored posts, so we would like to thank them for their support of BSD and SBNation which keeps this blog community operational. To show appreciation for college basketball fans and SBNation readers, we have a pretty cool announcement that can win you seats for the Final Four in Houston, TX.

SB Nation has partnered with Samsung for "The Pride of March Tweetstakes." The campaign is running from March 15th through 24th, and we're asking fans to submit (via Twitpic or another similar platform) a picture of you in your best fan gear. The more you stand out, the better. All you have to do is Tweet the picture of yourself with the hashtag #SamsungTV for a chance to win travel, tickets, and accomodations for two to the Final Four in Houston, TX. I'm sure some of you Nittany Nation readers probably have some pretty good photos in the ol' archive based on what I've seen on television. SB Nation editors (not to be confused with BSD editors) will hand select and announce the winner from the contestants. (Check out the official rules here .) Good luck, and make sure you look me up if you make it to Houston!