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Ed DeChellis And Player Press Conferences

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Yesterday, Penn State coach Ed DeChellis and players Talor Battle and Jeff Brooks addressed the media at the Bryce Jordan Center. They covered a ranged of topics from how it felt to finally be going to the tournament after eight long years for DeChliis and four for Battle and Brooks to the reaction of fellow students on campus to the NCAA big (not all positive, actually). There were some light moments courtosey of one local reporter, and TV cameras packed the press room for the first time all season.

The team will be jetting off to Tucson in the next few hours if it hasn't already. The team practiced this morning and will practice again in Arizona tomorrow. In case you were wondering, currently Tucson is on the "Mountain Standard Time," which is the same as "Pacific Daylight Time," three hours behind the East Coast time-wise. Yeah, it blew my mind when I read it, too.

Anyway, below is full video of the press conference, broken up into pieces thanks to YouTube's 10 minute limit. Enjoy!

Talor Battle and Jeff Brooks make their opening remarks.

Some light moments as David Jones of the Patriot-News asks the players about Temple.

Battle and Brooks wrap up their remarks.

Ed DeChellis opens his part of the presser.

Ed DeChellis continues to speak on the trip to Tucson.

DeChellis finishes up his comments.