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Nitt Picks Is White And Blue

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Back in January, former football player Maurice Humphery, also known as "Maserati Mo," filmed a music video of his Penn State themed "Black and Yellow" remix "White and Blue" at the Mezzanine downtown with current football players including Mike Wallace of Primary Element fame, Derek Moye and Justin Brown. The video you see above is the final product.

Now, this isn't Rolling Stone, so take it for what it's worth, but the video looks like it turned out pretty well. It may or may not be your type of music, but judged against peers like Freakbass's "We Are ND," and Brice Fox and Daniel Weber's "This Is Indiana," "White and Blue" looks professional and feels natural. Where Notre Dame and Indiana accomplished little more than creating Internet memes, Humphery and Co. produced a cut that could actually catch on around campus with its recognizable beat and targeted lyrics. Your BSD rating is four stars.

After the jump, news on lighting rod figures Taran Buie and Robert Bolden.

Buie Unlikely To Return

David Jones is on the ground with the basketball team in Tucson and talked with Talor Battle about his brother Taran Buie's future. Those hoping the troubled freshman guard, who's been cited twice by police in the past year and was suspended indefinitely by coach Ed DeChellis in December, will return to the Nittany Lions in the fall will likely be disappointed with Battle's assessment of the situation.

"My brother's fine," said Battle. "He's just gotta figure out what's right and what's wrong. He's still a young kid so hopefully he'll eventually find his way."

Just not with the Nittany Lions. Coach Ed DeChellis suspended Buie indefinitely shortly after Christmas for an unidentified transgression of team rules. He played in only 11 games.

"Nah, probably not at Penn State," said Battle. "Probably somewhere else. Though he's my brother, I don't know what he's going to do."

Obviously, things aren't looking good for Buie's future at Penn State, and although many believe he's a talented basketball player who could really help the Lions moving forward without his brother, that may not necessarily be a bad thing. At this point, Buie's future beyond basketball is far more important than anything on the court, and if the last year has created too many distractions from him becoming the best student athlete he can be, then maybe it's time for him to move on. We can only speculate on something like this as we don't know Buie's side of the story, but right now, all fans can really do is wish him well and hope for the best. If that's in a Penn State uniform, great. If it's somewhere else, then that's fine, too. DeChellis has built a decent stable of guards in Tim Frazier, Jermaine Marshall, Tre Bowman and class of 2011 recruit Trey Lewis. With or without Buie, the program should be OK.

Bolden Still In Happy Valley

After Joe Paterno denied his transfer request back in January, we haven't heard much from quarterback Robert Bolden. He talked to the media Wednesday, though, as Penn State prepares to open spring practice this week. Here's a smattering of his comments from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ron Musselman.

"Nothing is official," he said today. "I'm just here for the spring. I decided to come back. I'm just here. I'm going to work hard and we'll see what happens from there."

Penn State opens spring practice Saturday. Bolden and McGloin are expected to compete for the starting job. Paul Jones also could press for playing time at quarterback.

"Hopefully, it will be an open competition," Bolden said.

Earlier this week, ESPN's Ivan Maisel spoke to quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno, and he had some insight on the situation, too.

"Bolden didn’t play much down the stretch," Jay Paterno said. "He probably should have. That was on me, not on him. He wanted to know, 'Is the competition going to be realistic? Have you guys made your mind up?' Joe said no. Joe told him and his dad, ‘I’ve been doing this for 60-something years. I’ve built up a lot of trust. If I tell you it’s an open competition, you have to have a little faith in me.'"

Bolden is saying all the right things about "open competition" here. However, after Joe Paterno waited until nearly opening day to name a starter in 2010, Bolden has to know there's a good chance Paterno will not have made a decision by the time Bolden has to decide whether or not to sign on for another year this summer. And so, the question is, how long will "open competition" be good enough for Bolden? Will he hang on past spring practice if he isn't given the job or will he bolt if he hasn't won it by mid-April, punting on whatever shot he might have in fall practice? Interesting questions, and ones we'll likely start getting some answers to soon.

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