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Anthony Stanko Commits to Penn State

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Give me an offensive lineman and a siren WHOOOOO!!!!

Last year's recruiting class got off to a really slow start. This year the coaches put the full court press on their 2012 targets starting in December. So far the results haven't shown much, but Penn State is now on the board with their first verbal commitment of the 2012 class with Anthony Stanko.

Stanko is a massive 6'5" 302 lb. offensive lineman from Warren, Ohio. He had been very vocal about his admiration for Penn State over the past few months, so this commitment is far from out of the blue. Though I'm kind of surprised he didn't hold out for an offer from Ohio State. Pulling talent out of Ohio is like pulling teeth. Stanko was on an unofficial visit to Penn State this weekend along with a group of other recruits when he finally pulled the trigger.

Scout and Rivals each rate him a three star prospect. The talented offensive lineman had offers from Kent State, Northwestern, Akron, Stanford, and West Virginia. He was also seeing interest from Ohio State, Northwestern, Alabama, and Florida. Most project him to play guard on the college level.

From looking at his film I'm really impressed with how he stays low and drives with his legs out of his stance. It looks like he has a real nasty streak and doesn't finish his block until he has his man on his back. All-in-all I would say this is a good way to kick off the class of 2012.

The best part of this is that we now officially have two "Stanks" on the team. We'll have to call them Stank One and Stank Two or something. 

Here's what you've won.