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Ed DeChellis And Players End Of Year Press Conference

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It's been exactly a week since the men's basketball team fell to Temple in the second round of the NCAA Tournament and it seems reality and acceptance are finally beginning to set in for coach Ed DeChellis and the Nittany Lions. Wednesday, in the team's final weekly press conference of the season, and in the case of guard Talor Battle, his Penn State career, players and coaches covered a range of issues and topics ranging from their reaction to the loss to the future of the program. Here are a few of the highlights before we set you off into about 40 minutes of video.

  • Battle drove back to Albany after the team arrived back in Happy Valley last Friday morning. He didn't sleep. He just grabbed the first coffee of his life at a rest stop and stuck it out. Tim Frazier went to bed. DeChellis actually kept working if you can believe that.
  • Not sure if this makes the videos but according to DeChellis, redshirt freshman forward Jonathan Graham is up to about 240 pounds from 200 when he stepped on campus this summer. Both DeChellis and the players believe he benefited greatly from his redshirt season. Whether that's them blowing some early smoke for next season or not, sounds like we might want to keep an eye on him next fall.
  • Jeff Brooks will either rehab his dislocated shoulder or will get surgery. DeChellis and the doctors aren't sure yet. If he gets surgery, it may limit some of the pro workouts he can do this summer, DeChellis plans to talk to some agents to see what the right course of action will be.
  • DeChellis says he doesn't know what will happen with Taran Buie yet. He hasn't talked to him, nor does he have plans to in the near future. For more on that, check out this story by Alex Angert of the Daily Collegian
  • With one scholarship left (for now), DeChellis plans to attack the guard position in the late recruiting period. Penn State can't talk to recruits off campus until after the Final Four, though, so don't look for any breaking news on that front in the next couple of weeks.

Enjoy the rest of what DeChellis and his players' had to say after the jump.

Ed DeChellis steps to the mic and looks back on the season.

Ed DeChellis talks about the late recruiting period and the future on Taran Buie.

Talor Battle talks about his future and the players look back on the first few days after the loss to Temple.

Battle and Frazier finish up their comments...and the torch is passed.