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Nitt Links Is Ready For Football

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It's football season, it's spring practice, and that means it's time for some linkage. I'm writing this while I watch TCAP so I'll do my best to keep the two things separate. I can only imagine what that would do to the quality of these posts.

Since this is the first links post in a while we'll just of jump into it. Going to avoid things like Bolden thinking he's God's Gift 2.0...if for no other reason than I'm trying to avoid the head-to-wall contact that usually follows that conversation.

---Hot Topics---

Penn State football 2011 spring roster

Paul Jones is coming in at Evan Royster levels of fat. He hasn't quite got the donk of JaMarcus Russell but if he trys a little harder he might just end up being the Prince Fielder of the Big Ten. I'm kidding of course, from Tim Frazier or Rob Bolden, Penn State has had it's fair share of chicken legged athletes. It's a nice change of pace to see somebody with a little body fat. Besides Brandon Ware.

Recruiting ahead of schedule - AltoonaMirror

If we don't slow down we'll straight up oversign because we can. I can only imagine the outrage when we have to cut a couple 5-stars because Jay and Big Red couldn't just say no.

Cael Sanderson Takes Care Of Business

Talk about a bad draw. Can you imagine being one of these amature wrestlers? Your friend gets to wrestle Silky Johnson, your brother gets to wrestle the guy across the street, and you're stuck with Cael Sanderson. Say hello to one and done.

---Best Of The Rest---

Coach K’s 900 or Joe Paterno’s 400 wins? - National College Football |

It's an interesting debate. Clearly we're bias, but 900 wins is no easy task. In the end there isn't a right answer but it's a conversation worth having.

Nittany Lion Fencers Take Second at NCAA Championships

So close, but plenty to be proud of.  #DeChellisQoutes Honestly though, I had no idea this was going on right now. You would think Penn State would do a better job mentioning another national title shot. I may have missed the memo, but I'll root for anything if it means more hardware.

Catching Up With: Pen Argyl and Penn State gridiron star Bob Parsons

History lessons are key in claiming tradition. So read up.

Fight club: Penn State Beaver faces sanctions

Well....this is one problem Ed doesn't have to deal with..and that's a good thing. You know it's serious when you get a bench clearing brawl at branch-campus basketball game. It's not like you're fighting for TV, you're just fighting because somebody made a momma joke.