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Nitt Links Enjoyed That Swank Beverage

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Before we get to the news of the day just wanted to say thanks on behalf of Mike and Fugi to everybody who came out to Cafe 210 yesterday afternoon. While I enjoyed meeting everyone including some BSD Divas, I would hope that next time the conversation slides into the thoughts we're having while watching the football team stretch, that I could get a warning.

But I digress. I'm certainly not the official voice of BSD, Mike and Fugi have been around longer than I, but I can say that reading and working on this site has been a lot of fun. While we interact as usernames, it's always nice to meet the real people behind them.

That was boarderline tacky, so lets get to it.

---Hot Topics--

More on Williams' Penn State commitment - ESPN Boston

Because it's never too early to argue about how elite we aren't.

Penn State Recruiting 3/28/11

Consider this supplemental material to the above.

Buie's mom gives insight 

Sort of makes you wonder what is going on. We may never know, but it sure is odd.

---Best Of The Rest---

Signing Off - The Only Colors

If you don't read TOC you should. Even if you don't like MSU, which is going a little bit out of your way to hate, they've done things well for a long time. KJ is stepping down from the lead spot and this is his final post. This isn't earth-shattering for BSD, but since I love TOC and get to write this post, I'm making you care.

Report: Purdue head coach Matt Painter to meet with Missouri Tigers - ESPN

While I'll be the first to admit that the Internet is full of fun. Rumors pop up 24/7 and plenty of people believe them for no other reason than the Internet is serious business. My personal favorite is a guy with 10 followers on twitter and no profile picture getting 400 people to retweet his blurb. I'm more likely to give some Nigerian prince my credit card number than I am going to believe some guy who says he's got a source. Of course, I've never started a rumor...

All of that aside, I hope Painter stays at Purdue. He's a good guy, and Purdue fans have only ever been nice people, and at the end of the day we'll beat them in football and lose in basketball. It seems fair to me.

MSU's Dantonio saddened by OSU, Jim Tressel violations

File this under "big surprise" but maybe the best part about the whole "article" is the facebook post at the bottom. Ohio State fans are going to the grave with Tressel, he could have dropped kicked kittens off of a mountain and taped it for Youtube and he's be a saint. Heck, the guy lives in Defiance Ohio. A general rule of thumb I have in life is to avoid living anywhere that my personality and the name of the town match. Not to mention Snarky Pa is just a stupid name for a town.